#LovePup started in 2014 and has grown organically over the years. Our journey toward helping dogs began with one homeless Chihuahua that we fostered until we could find her a forever home. At that time, we had three small boys and 3 dogs. Our whole family got so much joy out of matching the Chihuahua with the perfect forever family. So, we did it again. Before we knew it, we had dozens of rescue dogs in and out of our house, watching TV with us, sleeping in our beds and going on family adventures. We now have three teenagers, 7 dogs of our own and #LovePup has rescued, placed, rehabilitated and reunited over 1000 dogs.

#LovePup has been blessed with many volunteers, community partners, sponsors and donations, which have helped us to grow. In 2021, our dream of opening a working shelter came true. We now have 14 kennels, 2 isolation kennels, an outdoor play area and an indoor play area. Every dog that we take in becomes part of our #LovePup family until they are ready for their forever home. Each dog is vaccinated, microchipped and spay/neutered before placement. We pride ourselves on finding the right home for each of our dogs. Because every dog comes with its unique backstory, we customize our process to ensure we find their perfect match. It continues to bring us so much joy when we match our #LovePup family members with their new forever home.

We are committed to helping homeless dogs and are working toward a future where dog shelters are no longer needed. 


Johnjay and Blake Van Es, Founders

Our mission of keeping dogs off the streets extends out to the community. We have started the following programs to promote shelter prevention:

We provide microchips to all dogs adopted at Maricopa County Animal Care & Control.

We help families keep their beloved dogs by paying for medical care or behavioral assistance.

We invite all rescues in the community to be a part of an adoption event that we put on with iHeartMedia and Johnjay & Rich Syndication Affiliates.

There are so many ways you can help improve the lives of these deserving pups. We can’t do it alone and if you think #LOVEPUP is what you’ve been looking for we would love to connect!

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