The 501(c)(3) non-profit dog rescue organization is run out the Arcadia home of #LoveUp Founders Johnjay and Blake Van Es. We have three boys and six dogs of our own. Our boys are very active and all dogs in our home are treated equally with love and compassion. They all go for walks with our family, play in the backyard with the boys and just hang out on the sofa while watching the latest Netflix with us. At night, there are always dogs in our boys beds.

Our dogs have been in our home, socialized with other dogs and have played with our boys. Each dog is evaluated by a vet, has up to date shots and is altered before being placed with their new family. It’s real life living for each of these dogs before placement!


We believe all dogs deserve the best possible home. We love them all as our own! Our commitment to all rescue dogs in our care is to provide a loving, caring environment with the necessary medical care they need so that when they transition to their forever family, they have all that they need to be an amazing family member.

We Treat Our Pups The Best + Our Proven Adoption Process Works

Changing Dogs' Lives Since 2005


We are the Van Es Family! Johnjay, Blake, Jake, Kemp and Dutch. As a family, we do all things #LovePup. We work events, love on the dogs in our care and spend lots of time fundraising. We have 7 rescues of our own, each with a unique story, all equally loved!

Johnjay & Blake Van Es

Blake Van Es

Tara Caley

Kelsey Johnson

Rachel Martin

Board Members

Johnjay Van Es

Blake Van Es

Shasta Keltz

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